Friday, August 31, 2012

VIEW Conference : presentation JOSH HOLMES


Creative Director of HALO. Josh will premiere at VIEW HALO 4

Josh Holmes is an accomplished video-game producer and designer best known for his work as Executive Producer and then Creative Director for the multi-billion dollar video-game franchise Halo. Holmes is currently the Franchise Creative Director for 343 Industries, the Microsoft Game Studios unit formed to to oversee development of Halo, which includes video games, novels, comics, and other multimedia content.
Josh turned to game design after several years pursuing a career as a film actor, and his early training in drama and storytelling continues to inform his work as a game designer. Holmes got his start in the video-game business in 1995 at the Burnaby, Canada campus of gaming giant Electronic Arts. At EA, Josh created the hit Def Jam series of fighting games, as well as the NBA Street series. In 2005, Josh cofounded the Vancouver based video-game studio Propaganda Games, which was acquired by Disney Interactive shortly after it opened. Holmes left Propaganda Games in 2008, moved to Microsoft where in 2009 he was an Executive Producer on Halo Waypoint and Halo Reach, and now heads up all creative on what has become one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time.

Halo Reborn: Building a Studio, Crafting a Universe

343 Industries was formed over three years ago with the mission to lead the Halo universe forward by building connected stories told across multiple mediums so that everything matters. On November 6th the studio will release their first internally developed title, the much anticipated blockbuster, Halo 4. In this session, Creative Director Josh Holmes will discuss the challenges of creating a game with a storyline that encompasses over 100,000 years of fictional history and connects through and across multiple mediums including print, a live-action digital series, an ambitious story-driven campaign and innovative episodic content that will continue beyond the launch of the game. All this while building a brand new studio from scratch, with top-tier talent from every corner of the industry – and world.
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